What is Classical Christian Education?

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Introduction: Relaying the Foundation

This brief article lays a foundation for the following articles on the nature of classical Christian education. In it we introduce the Trivium, Quadrivium, and the work of Dorothy Sayers.

Purpose: The Mission, or the “What?” Question

This article explores some of the purposes of classical Christian education. In it we consider what it means to have an education of the head, heart, and hands; we briefly outline the seven virtues and their relation to education; and we consider the common refrain of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Pedagogy: The Method, or the “How?” Question

This article explores some of the various purposes and methods of classical pedagogy. In it we also consider some of the learning skills classical school might hope to instill in students as well as some suggestions about core knowledge.

Product: The Graduate, or the “Why?” Question

This brief article explains the idea of a portrait of a graduate and how the end goal of the students we are trying to produce helps inform the decisions made in curriculum, pedagogy, and more. We also include links to the portrait of a graduate of various schools.