Monday MusingsMonday Musings is a series devoted to exploring the intersection of great books, classical Christian education, and life. Many of these musings end with questions for further reflection, and we would love to hear your thoughts on these via the comments or email (

Portrait of a GraduateThe Portrait of a Graduate Series  has two aims. The first aim is to publish pieces by recent graduates of classical Christian schools. Not only do we hope to encourage these students in future writing endeavors by publishing their pieces, but we also hope that the excellence shown in these pieces serves as a small portrait of what classical Christian schools hope their students will be able to do with a classical Christian education. The second aim is to interview recent graduates and allow them in their own words to share the impact that classical Christian education had on their lives.

Book BlurbsBook Blurbs is a collection of brief reviews and reflections on books. Often we just want to pick up a great book but we don’t know what to read next. These brief reviews aim to put good books on a wide variety of topics into the hands of readers by giving them in very few words a good indication of whether or not this book is for them.

Nexus NotesA nexus is a series of connections linking two or more things. Nexus Notes is a series dedicated to linking readers to great content elsewhere out on the web. 




theology through the eyes of fictionTheology through the Eyes of Fiction is a series of articles that explore the way that fiction can be a helpful lens through which we view theology.