old books on shelfOne of our goals at The Classical Thistle is to provide excellent resources free of charge. We hope that this will put good content in the hands of homeschool parents, educators, and students without the significant restraints of huge financial commitments.

In addition to the financial savings, providing electronic resources on our site will allow us to keep the print material updated without the cost or time of new editions going to print. This approach will also allow us to collaborate within the classical Christian education community. We know that our friends in the CCE community have a multitude of gifts and know a myriad of subjects better than we do. So, if you have a contribution to make (e.g., an introductory article to the work For the Life of the Church), then please send your contribution to We would love to review your contribution and include it in subsequent editions of the work [see note below].

Print Resources: These resources are handouts, textbooks, and more that can be used by teachers to organize and teach a variety of courses.

Video Resources: These resources are a variety of digital videos that record example lessons, conference presentations, speeches, lectures, and more. These resources are designed both to teach new content and to demonstrate examples of what classical Christian education looks like in action.


[Note: If you do submit a contribution that is accepted, we will give you credit on a “Contributors” page near the end of the work, but as the works are intended to be given away free, you will not receive any financial remuneration apart from the printed credit.]

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash