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Our “Book Reviews” section aims to provide a forum for exploration, critical analysis, and recommendation of books related to classical Christian education. Although an increasing number of publishers are venturing into the realm of classical Christian education, there are currently only a few places to find quality reviews of these books. We hope to provide an avenue for reviewing these books to help educators narrow their focus on what books may be helpful for them as they continue to improve their craft. We also hope to provide a forum for conversation in community. Our hope is that by publishing such articles at The Classical Thistle that we can have more conversation in community via electronic means.

Are you interested in reviewing a book for The Classical Thistle? Contact our staff and learn how to propose it for publication.

List of Some Books We’ve Reviewed

  • Classical Me, Classical Thee by Rebekah Merkle
  • Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child by Cheryl Swope