Oh to Christ, the Eternal Eros!

How can we do justice to the Love of Christ? What words can describe the simplicity, the power, the magnanimity of the One True Love? Is His love of the mind only? Certainly not! Is his love thumatic alone? By no means! The Love of Christ subsumes the Mind and the Heart! But what of our appetite? Will our appetite for Christ endure forever or is there an end to our longing? Is there a satisfaction in Christ which renders the Eros of Christ complete or shall the “gut” of our being endure forever?

I submit that the Eros of Christ shall endure forever! Never shall the time come in this world or in the world to come in which we are free from erotic desire, for can we ever have the entirety of Christ in our beings? Can we as non-gods ever contain the entirety of God? Can eternally finite beings, though immortal in nature endlessly limited, ever take hold of the entirety of that which is without limit?

Since our limited nature shall never be able to subsume the unlimited, will we be filled to capacity upon our entering into the New Heaven and New Earth? No, I submit that the remainder of eternity will be a process of growth—the growth of an ever-expanding being, soaking in the eternally infinite love of God like a sponge that never reaches saturation! Therefore we will be fully satisfied with the love of God in Christ while at the same time yearning for more! As Socrates himself says, when we say we desire we are saying, “I want the things of the present moment to be present also in a future time.”[1]Though Socrates might underestimate the Eternal One, we know that the Love of Christ is beyond what Jew or Greek could ascertain and behold. We know as Christians that the beatific vision shall be simultaneously satiating yet we will not want to look away for we will desire more and more, and more and more we shall receive. This kind of lack is not an impoverishment but is instead itself a richness. It is the Joy of knowing the Love of Christ—His Love in which we shall swim in its soundless ocean depths, we shall take flight into its ceilingless heights, we shall traverse the trails of its unmarkable paths, and we shall indulge in the feast of its richest of fare! Oh, the Eternally Erotic Love of Christ! Eros without lust! Eros without fear! Eros without end, amen!

[1] Plato. Symposium. trans. by Seth Bernardete (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001), pp. 29-30.

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