Technology: Nexus Notes–September 8, 2017

A nexus is a series of connections linking two or more things. These notes are dedicated to linking us to great content elsewhere out on the web.

Connected, but Alone – TED Talk – One of the best TED talks that I have heard in a long time. Sherry Turkle gives a profound insight into some of the dangers that social media and the internet have brought us.

How Do Cell Phones Impact Our Relationships? – Simon Sinek’s thoughts on putting your phone down.  “Ideas happen when our minds wander.”

Put Down Your Phone – Classical Jefferson Bethke as he encourages us to PUT THE PHONE DOWN!

How Technology is Influencing Families & 6 Tech Habits Changing the American Home– Classic Barna research and statistics to the difficulty that technology has presented raising children in today’s culture. His information is always a great resource, and these stats are alarming.

Social Media Sermon Excerpts –Adam Donyes gives us some compelling points about social media and technology in light of God’s word.

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